is a discount fashion business structure that sells excess/previous seasons stock on behalf of popular brands.

Our Story

The Fashion Factory is a global fashion warehouse for over 16 Countries worldwide. We sell cutting-edge fashion and offer a wide variety of the latest styles at affordable prices, making The Fashion Factory the hub of a thriving fashion community.

We sell thousands branded and non-branded products through localised mobile and web experiences, delivering from our fulfilment centres in France, The US, Europe, Australia and China to almost every country in the world.

At the Fashion Factory there is no need to pay regular prices.  We source our products from stores, factories and wholesalers.  We sell directly to you online, saving us money on shops, warehouses and staff.  Which means we pass those saving onto you through massive discounts.

The Fashion Factory model has been running since 2009, and we are relatively new in serving customers worldwide.

Many popular brands come to us if they have stock they need to clear out for next seasons products.  Because of this unique business structure we can never be sure what we will have in stock moving forward and how long the heavily discounted items will last.


Where do our products come from?

Factory Over Runs:
Sometimes manufacturers will produce more stock than their stores of outlets have room to sell.  This is called a manufacturing overrun.  Because it costs money to store goods (warehousing etc.) manufacturers will sell their un sold stock to us at a discounted price.

Clearance Stock:
We buy stock from stores they they are unable sell at the end of a season.  This is generally last seasons products.

Liquidation Stock:
If a store or factory is closing down we offer to buy their stock at a discounted price.


Our head office is located in Brisbane, Australia, with service centres, throughout the globe, including United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.



Contact Information

If you wish to contact us, you can do so by emailing or phoning us:

Our telephone office hours are 7:00 EST - 14:00 EST Monday to Friday